Field / Service Tech

Field / Service Technicians

Patterson Services provides experienced field technicians to rig-up/rig-down, function and pressure test, perform maintenance, troubleshoot and repair any leaks on all our equipment at the well site. Our techs are well versed with all equipment and have extensive knowledge to prevent and troubleshoot any issues.

Some of the major tasks our team can perform are

    • Rig Up/Rig Down services as per approved BOP stack drawings.
    • Connect control hoses with BOP Control Unit (Accumulators), function test and operate Accumulator units on location
    • Maintenance on Patterson equipment on location by greasing valves and maintaining oil level of accumulator unit
    • Repair as needed on Patterson well control equipment
    • Snubbing job onsite assistance by swapping ram blocks for different pipe sizes and replacing Teflon inserts on stripper packers
    • Tubular handling and running assistance on site
    • Rig down, inventory and transportation of all Patterson equipment back to base