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Patterson has been at the forefront of the oilfield rental industry for over 60 years. Charles ‘Chuck’ Patterson started Patterson in 1959 with the then novel idea of renting oilfield tubulars and associated equipment to operators looking to save capital. The industry bought in, and numerous oilfield rental companies have flourished through the years. Patterson has proudly grown to cover all major domestic basins along with international projects in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. Patterson is well positioned to serve your tubular and BOP needs anywhere in the U.S. or around the world.

We believe that our success is built from the people we do business with, which is why the team at Patterson values strong client relationships. We’ve developed an incredible network of partners who, with our team allow us to provide our customers with the equipment and services to perform at the highest level. Patterson believes in creating strong relationships with our customers that last through the oil and gas industry cycles.

Patterson team is committed to providing our customers with the latest and most innovative oilfield service equipment. The top management in our company is dedicated to continual capital investment so that we can continue to provide top of the line equipment and service.

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Patterson credentials cannot be matched by our competitors:

  • Oldest, founded in 1959.
  • Debt free.
  • Executive Management averages 29.2 years with company.
  • District Management averages 24.5 years with company.
  • City Sales averages 15.3 years with company.
  • Certification to the “Quality Standard” – ISO9001:2015.
    • Third partied audited annually to maintain
      Certificate No: CERT-6994-2006-AQ-USA-ANAB.
  • All Drill Pipe, Hevi-Wate, Drill Collars and now Tubing (large) with specific serialized numbers.
  • Patterson Inspection Application (PIA) software, communicating with our New Tech VEDAQ 2000 Inspection Units to capture specs., damages, repairs and all necessary history.
  • Hydraulic Nipple-Up System to pressure test Well Control equipment faster than most.
* Above list may not include all tools, please Contact Us for items not currently listed.

Our Vision

Patterson Services, Inc. will continue to focus on our Safety Program and our ISO 9001 certification. Commensurate with our goals to grow our business, we would like to expand our inventory base and our services to focus on production activities as well as continuing to focus on drilling activities. We believe that our Company’s mission is encompassed in our Quality Policy Statement.

Health, Safety & Environment

Patterson Services, Inc. is committed to the safety of our employees, customers, environment and communities in which we operate.

It is the objective of Management to further encourage and promote methods and procedures leading to increased safety protection and health among all employees.

The policy of the Company is to provide a work environment that promotes a culture for safety that complies with OSHA regulations and customer requirements while minimizing risk to our employees and being a good Stewart to the environment.

We maintain a proactive approach to ensure a drug and alcohol-free workplace.  The Company maintains an in-house drug and alcohol program, in addition to utilizing DISA and TPS Alert.

Quality & ISO 9001

“Patterson Services, Inc. is totally committed to meeting the needs and expectations of all of our customers, by providing quality products and services, through active employee participation, experience and safety, identifying risk and opportunities, and continual improvement of the quality management system.” ISO-9001