PRIME Handles the Pressure.

There When You Need Us.

Patterson Rapid Intervention Mobilization Experts (PRIME) covers all your stack installation and personnel needs during critical operations so a field can return to its full production capability as soon as possible safely and efficiently. Offering more than 60 years of uninterrupted dedication to oilfield progress, Patterson Services delivers world-class service founded on a strong work ethic and the latest most innovative oilfield service equipment.

We’ve Got You Covered.

Equipment When You Need It.

The PRIME team approaches every event with critical, time-saving knowledge and a full suite of in-house stack equipment maintained in a constant state of readiness for rapid deployment to locations around the globe.

We offer:

  • Capping stacks
  • Snubbing stacks
  • Workover stacks
  • BOP’s
  • Manifolds
  • Expert personnel

PRIME covers it all. Have your contingency plan in place for difficult wells so the necessary stacks and personnel are in place and ready for action when you make the call.

Save Time and Money

 Access to the right equipment is critical during an unexpected well control event. PRIME takes immediate action to ensure no time is lost checking on equipment location, availability, and condition, which results in limited downtime for your production operations. Our equipment and personnel are at the ready 24/7/365, capable of putting into action a superior stack response for a quick turnaround.

With decades of stack equipment application and installation expertise, our industry-leading personnel know exactly which equipment is needed to handle any capping, snubbing, or workover situation before our boots hit the ground in your field.

Experience Our Safety-First Commitment

During every operation, Patterson Services commits to a zero-incident environment by incorporating a safety-first mentality. Our dedicated PRIME team members maintain a thorough knowledge of every piece of PRIME equipment for its specific application, reducing the probability of incidents during installation and beyond.

Contact PRIME to find out how we can optimize your capping, workover, or snubbing needs for a proactive solution.