Snubbing Stack

Patterson Snubbing Stack

Patterson offers high quality snubbing stacks and experienced personnel that have proven to perform in a safe and reliable manner.  Patterson’s highly skilled team has the experience in both the domestic and international markets to assist in any snubbing operation from planning and shipping, to on site rig up and testing through the completion of the project.  Patterson also provides expert logistical support through the entire project. We can provide a wide range of certified BOPs and Accessories when required. Our Snubbing stacks range in size from 21 ¼” 5K to 3 1/16” 20K. We can provide certified BOP’s and equipment when requested.

    Patterson offers following major BOPs and accessories for any      Snubbing operation

  • BOPs with Stripping Rams – Used when wellhead pressure is higher than the limitations of a stripper bowl.
  • BOPs with Safety Rams – Are also called as pipe rams, these are required to seal around the pipe that is running in the hole.
  • BOP with Shear or Blind Rams – Are needed to seal wellbore in case of a blowout. These rams are usually operated on a BOP with large bore booster bonnets.
  • Annular BOP – Used at low pressure for stripping or sealing on tubular or seal the openhole.
  • Equalizing Loop – Consist of high-pressure iron and valves configuration installed around stripping rams enabling wellhead pressure to be applied on both sides of the rams when closed.
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